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Foray Design LLC has the  Lockout Tools to  help you perform at the top of your game.  Our Cobra Series are sized to fit any application.  Please do not bend & re-bend your lockout tools. Each time they are stressed as such they lose their structural integrity.  If bought as a set our Cobra Series 32" 42" & 52" rods should work in any instance. Foray Design LLC is proud to be a distributor of the SouthOrd Set of wedges (1"x5.88" and 2"x5.88") made of ABS plastic.  These wedges can be forced easily in (all the way) to their end back stops-resulting in a 3/4" space for the Cobra Set to perform comfortably.  When used in tandem this set of SouthOrd wedges live up to their reputation as one of the most reliable one-two punch combinations in the Industry.Foray Design LLC is also a proud supplier of the Claw Wedge.  This (1.25"x8.25") vinyl wedge is the new hit in town.  Color varies with our famous claw wedge but the results are all the same.  This stout wedge gets the job done well.  We now offer the Steck BigEasy wedge!  This non-marring wedge is the most common wedge in the Industry.  This durable plastic wedge (3"x6.5"x1"thick) is so popular because it gets the job done.

Foray Design LLC will continue to provide the tools for your Teams success.  When it comes time to upgrade your lockout tools, we are the name to remember.  Most of all items are in stock so place that order today.

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